Gräfestraße 10
10967 Berlin

Surrounded by lush old buildings and symmetrically arranged square architecture, this property stands in an exposed Kreuzberg location. The square ensemble offers residents and visitors alike a cinematic setting reminiscent of the late 19th century. Brightness and a wide view in the flats are guaranteed by the intersection location. Polders at the intersection corners restrict traffic in only 2 directions, closing off through traffic for cars. As everywhere in Kreuzberg, however, bicycles have free passage. Even before renovation of the common property, the old building substance is impressive and characterful. Numerous details such as bay windows, balconies and historic windows make for a varied yet harmonious façade.

In the course of the renovation measures, the historic substance was preserved and will shine again in new splendour after completion of the work. In addition to the façade work, the common areas such as the stairs, doors, walls and ceilings in the building entrances and staircases as well as the double box windows were reworked with craftsmanship or renewed in keeping with the style.

The installation of new insulation between the last residential floor and the attic also leads to better energy values for the entire property. A new courtyard design is another included service in this offer.

The flats with typical old building elements are sold in their current condition. The flats are in various states of equipment and renovation. The advantage for you is that you are not limited in your creative power by predetermined furnishing, renovation and colour concepts and, of course, you do not have to pay for the flat extension.

We will be happy to help you find tradesmen and architects who can assist you with the housing renovation.

We have already successfully implemented this concept in many properties in Berlin. We would be happy to show you reference properties from previous years.


  • Year of construction: approx. 1880
  • Floor heights approx. 3.20 to 3.80 m
  • Structure of corner front building with 3 staircases
  • Redevelopment in 2014
  • Sale of the flats